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Social Inclusion Brick Council

The Social Inclusion Brick Council hopes to help encourage public participation in urban planning. It utilises workshops to help foster conversations about the future of the built environment in any given place. We believe that public participation is an integral part of successful urban planning.

Collaboration with Morgan Thorne, Carla Schleicher, Bahar Kaplan, Ludovica Galletta and Nick Banning.

Using Rhyl, South Wales as the first place we want to implement our proposal, we hope to re-engage the community to help them regain their voices, so they can take part in the town’s new chapter of regeneration.

Our workshop pulls from a cross-section of Rhyl’s population and helps them engage in a making process. Through this workshop we hope to gain helpful insights into the concerns, needs and expectations of the public to then share with the stakeholders of the projects. We also hope that through this experience we can encourage participants to think more critically about their engagement with public space and the future of their environments.

Our initial research of Rhyl led us to Rhyl’s previous brickmaking industry and history. We were very interested in the disappearance of the industry and its replacement with the tourism industry, which eventually faded as well. Today, Rhyl has been named one of the worst places in the UK to live.

The irony of the missing brickmaking industry is that with all the regeneration, old buildings are being renovated and new buildings are being built, but any bricks used, are being outsourced.

Our proposal hopes to give developers a toolkit to create engagement with their communities. It helps bring together a cross-section of Rhyl’s population to take part in a workshop that effectively implements community input. Helping developers/planners get a deeper understanding of the needs of the communities they affect.

You can find out more about the workshop and our research on the SIBC website.

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